All of the Plan to Publish books in a row.
Plan to Publish

The perfect tools to organize your writing project, no matter where you are in the process or your career!

Books in this series include:

  • Author Sticky Note Planner: A daily planner with monthly and weekly layouts, publishing checklists, social media marketing trackers, and much more to keep a writer motivated and reach their goals from planning to publishing. Keep on track with sticky notes so you never lose your place again.
  • Novel Sticky Note Plotter: The plotter workbooks are perfect for outlining your next book. Designed to utilize sticky notes for easy change the order of events, making it adaptable as your plot and timelines change. Great for plotters and pantsers alike. Whatever your genre or writing style, this tool can help you get that first draft written, find and fix plot holes, and even write your book summary.

Created with the author in mind, these workbooks are designed to be customizable with sticky notes so nothing written in them is permanent—unless you want it to be. Good for any type of creator from the beginning novel writer to the full-time author, bloggers, YouTubers, screenwriters, or any other creative who wants to storyboard a project.