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Editing Services and Pricing

Maria Hoagland specializes in romance and women’s fiction, although she is open to all genres. She has experience editing science fiction, fantasy, young adult, and historical fiction as well as nonfiction manuscripts.

*She does not accept horror manuscripts or manuscripts with explicit material. Actually, let's keep it PG, okay?

Please contact her with any questions.

Developmental Edit

Line Edit



per word


per word


per word

 plot structure & pacing

 character arc & motivation


 word & sentence repetition


 awkward phrasing

 missing words


 spelling & homonyms

  • Before we decide on the details, fill out the contact form below. Please let her know your genre, time frame, and any pertinent details. If it fits into her schedule, she will request five pages representative of your work for her to edit for free. After looking at your pages, she'll be able to offer an estimate and suggest the level of editing necessary to make your manuscript shine.

  • Once we decide we are a good fit for each other and settle on dates, a $50 deposit will be collected to secure your slot on the schedule.

    *In the message below, please tell me what you're looking for and a little about the project: genre, manuscript length, time frame, etc.