Cobble Creek Romance. Small-town Sweet Romance. Three books: The Inventive Bride, The Practically Romantic Groom, and The Combustible Engagement by Maria Hoagland.
Cobble Creek Romance

Cozy, clean small-town romances.

Read these books and fall in love--with the characters and the town!

Come take a walk down Main Street Cobble Creek where neighbors pick up a treat at the old-fashioned soda counter, window-shop at boutiques, pick up flowers for their friends, and enjoy the small-town arts festivals and outdoor concerts. This clean and wholesome sweet small-town romance comes with a happily ever.

Fun Facts:

This was my first experience collaborating with an interconnected book. Author Kimberly Krey was already working on a book set in a town called Cobble Creek in Wyoming when I was invited to write in the same series. I had so much fun texting her to ask questions like, "I need a mayor, do you already have one?", "Where is the gazebo?", etc. You don't need to read her books to understand mine at all; just know that the sheriff and bed and breakfast owner, for example, have their own book out there if you're looking for more!

Because I loved Cobble Creek so much, I took what expected to be only one book and wrote two spin-off books! You can read these books alone, but they might be more fun read in order!

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