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FAQ about Maria Hoagland's Books

The short answer is that almost all of the books can be read as a standalone--even some of the books in a "series." The one exception is the Spellbound in Hawthorne series, which should be read in order for the best possible experience. More suggestions regarding reading order are posted at the bottom of each books' page. The good news is that most tie-ins are just mentions of other characters and not strictly necessary for you to enjoy your current book.

I have loved working with other authors and choose each carefully to make sure our styles match. Because of that, I think you will enjoy reading their books as well. However, you don't need to read the books by the other authors to understand and appreciate mine. Just know that if there's a character mentioned by name (usually a friend or other town member), there's probably a book out there about that character. Otherwise, you're good and won't miss a thing!

I don't think you could go wrong--just pick a series or book that sounds interesting and check it out!! Then, when you finish it, look for more tie-ins and suggestions of what to read next--you'll find them at the end of the ebook, next in the series, or in the "Tie-In" section on the bottom of each book page on this website.

How can you ask me a question like that?! That's like asking which of my kids I like best. Okay, so maybe I do have a favorite. Book, not kid. Or a couple. It's usually whichever I'm working on or my latest release, but I'd have to say "Essence of Gravity," "Bargaining with the Billionaire," and "The ReModel Marriage" are some of my favorites. Though I have to admit, as I wrote out the "Fun Facts" on each book, I was reminded how much I love every one of them--and I hope you do too!!

When I started my first book (that I thought was going to be a short story), I never thought I'd find ideas for more books. Even as I started the second book, I wasn't sure there would be another. Now the problem is I have too many book ideas and too little time! I like having a book idea percolating in the back of my mind while I'm working on another--it gives me time to gather ideas and work through a storyline. Ideas come from the most unexpected places! Check out the "Fun Facts" at the bottom of each series and book page on this site, and you'll find some of my most interesting.

I'm excitedly working on Landry's brother Lucas's story in the Diamond Cove series. It's currently being called "The Bait & Tackle Switch" and should be released in September 2023.

In addition to Sun-Kissed Second Chances, there are two books I always planned to write tie-ins to: While You Were Speaking and Beauty and the Billionaire Beast. It's likely I'll do Crew's story in Harvest Ranch before I get to Zoe's story in Louisiana. I've also considered more of the Covington magic, but maybe not in the way you expect. :) What series do you want to see more of? Drop me a message in the contact form below! I'd love to hear your suggestions.

My first book took me one school year (my youngest child's kindergarten year) to write. It didn't get published until he was starting sixth grade. I've gotten a lot faster since then! When I was writing full time, I was publishing a book every four months. Now that I have another job, it's taking more time again, but nowhere near what it did when I first started. I find that plotting my books first helps me write more efficiently.