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Author Planners & Novel Plotters.

Although the author planners and the novel plotters have similar covers--a tree with colorful sticky notes as leaves--if you look closely each cover is different because each book fills a specific need for writers. The most unique feature about both of these author tools is the use of sticky notes so that you can easily rearrange your ideas or change your mind without making a mess of your planner or plotter.

A daily planner for authors, this author tool has some key features to help the published and aspiring author keep track of all the details, tasks, and to-dos to go from planning your novel to publishing. This undated monthly, weekly, and daily planner includes spreads for marketing as well as a publishing checklist for when you are ready to launch your book. Track word counts, finances, newsletter and blog topics, newsletter swaps, and social media followers, as well as your personal writing schedule.

A novel plotter is a workbook for outlining your book. Write your plot points, scene ideas, and bits of dialogue onto sticky notes and then arrange them by chapter. There are pages to plan your characters and setting, as well as to keep track of character names and timelines. This portable, tactile author tool will quickly become your story bible and keep you organized as you plot or edit your novel.