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Below, I've attached a printable checklist of all my books in their series. If you keep scrolling, you'll see the books in publication order.

Book List
An image that lists all of Maria Hoagland's books by series with a checkbox to keep track of the titles you've read.
Books in Publication Order

Nourish & Strengthen (2011. Out of Print)

Family Time (2013. Out of Print)

Still Time (2014. Whitney Award Finalist)

Home for the Holidays (2015)

The Remodel Marriage (2016. Whitney Award Finalist)

Kayaks and Kisses (2016; 2nd Ed. 2018)

Beauty and the Billionaire Beast (2017)

The Inventive Bride (2017)

The Practically Romantic Groom (2018)

The Combustible Engagement (2018)

Love for Keeps (2018)

Her App, a Match, and the Billionaire (2019)

Falling for Her Billionaire Best Friend (2019)

Santa Cam (2019)

The Matchmaker's Billionaire (2020)

Bargaining with the Billionaire (2020)

Taste of Memory (Nov. 2020) with Lorin Grace

Sprinkle of Snow (Dec. 2020) with Lorin Grace

While You Were Speaking (March 2021)

Hint of Charm (May 2021) with Lorin Grace

​Dash of Destiny (Sept. 2021) with Lorin Grace

Stir of Wind (Oct. 2021) with Lorin Grace

Essence of Gravity (March 2022) with Lorin Grace

Recipe for Disaster (March 2022) with Lorin Grace

Sun-Kissed Second Chances (May 2022)

The Bait and Tackle Switch (Oct. 2023)