Five books in a row: Beauty and the Billionaire Beast; Her App, a Match, and the Billionaire; and Falling for Her Billionaire Best Friend by Maria Hoagland.
Billionaire Classics

Cozy, clean escape romance.

Classic literature re-imaginings in a contemporary fairy-tale setting

Fun Facts:

This series wasn't originally written to be part of one series.

I traveled to each of the three setting cities and loved dropping in details from what I experienced there.

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Some people don't get the allure of billionaire books, but what's not to like about the escape from real life? Even if money isn't an issue, there's plenty that can go wrong in a relationship, but that doesn't mean falling in love can't have a fairy-tale ending.

This series has all of your favorite sweet romance tropes: enemies-to-lovers, best friends-to-lovers, second-chance romance, celebrity romance, and others. But don't assume you know what's going to happen--even if these stories are inspired by classics you know by heart.

Completely clean, these romances spark with attraction and sizzle with witty banter. Enjoy picturesque locals, mystery, celebrities, garden gnomes, motorcycles, escape rooms, and maybe even a couple of ghosts.