Bargaining with the Billionaire

A stand-up comedian with ties to the mafia clearing the family name. A jewelry designer with an impossible task.

Lucky for her, this downstairs neighbor is willing to help—but with him, everything comes at a price. Are his Rumpelstiltskin-style tricks driven by selfishness or does he have a heart of gold?

Leave it to billionaire jewelry designer Autumn Molinero’s father to cash in on her name and leave her in the lurch. He runs off to Europe, and she has how much time to come up with a crazy number of custom designs to protect her brand? Impossible.

Downstairs neighbor, Kian, is willing to help—for a price. Should she trust the Rumpelstiltskin-like ploys of a man with family ties to the mafia? All she wants is to make it through the summer and maybe save her career, not fall in love with a man with ulterior motives.

Kian Gould is on a quest of his own. Clearing the family name is no joke for this stand-up comedian. He’ll find his proof. Some call it a treasure hunt, but to him, it’s a necessity. He just has to scare his upstairs neighbor out of the way—which may or may not lead to a ghost haunting her shop.

Just how much is a name worth? Is it worth sacrificing true love to protect it?

Inspired by the fairy tale, Rumpelstiltskin.

Fun Facts:

1. I shouldn't admit it, but this is one of my favorite books I've written. (Shh...don't tell my other books. I don't want them to get jealous!)

2. The seed for this story was an article I came across when researching Eureka Springs, Arkansas. It involves a famous mobster and a hidden car. I might have imagined the rumors--and well, everything else. And something from my escape room research trip ended up being a pivotal part of this story.

3. One of my favorite things was the challenge of making Rumpelstiltskin into a romance. :)

4. I now have a couple of pieces of jewelry created by the woman I stumbled across on the internet when I was researching lost wax casting.

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