Books standing up and leaning toward each other with flowers coming from the top.

Meddlesome grandparents whose matchmaking goes wrong in so many ways but right in the way that matters.

Sweet romance with a hint of magic.

Best read in order.

The origin story behind the Spellbound in Hawthorne series.

Contemporary romance inspired by classic literature.

Can be read these in any order--though Easter eggs are more fun if read in order.

Do your ancestors make you a beast?

A tech billionaire who couldn't buy what he needed.

Clock-punk meets 70s pop songs and the best hidden treasures in Seattle.

A spy novelist, escape rooms, and a well-known architect.

Pranks, ghosts, and ties to the mob.

The small-town antique shop owner who doesn't see things the same way the optometrist next door does.

Of course the small-town florist would be at odds with the divorce attorney. Until they're on the same side.

The hot-headed realtor loses her cool with a wildland firefighter and sparks fly.

What makes Cobble Creek, Wyoming the perfect place to fall in love?
Three full-length, heartwarming small-town romances.

    Being a soccer mom was supposed to be fun, but the ref keeps getting in the way.

    It'll take more than a Christmas miracle to rehab this celebrity's image.

    A drive-in movie theater, a visiting motivational speaker, and an over-involved family.

    Christmas is for service--except if it's the guy who made you leave home in the first place.

    Careful of the assumptions you make. Perhaps the person behind the email isn't as hard-headed stubborn as they appear.

    Stand-alone Novels

    More women's fiction than romance.

    How much can a mother's heart take?Troubled teens, young adults navigating their way, and a mother-in-law who isn't the same today as she'd once been.

    A house that's crumbling and a marriage doing the same. You've got to fix one to ditch the other.

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