You can't force a second chance, even if it is in paradise.

Since when did a golf cart, a dog tethered to an alligator, and an apocalyptic thunderstorm bring good luck?

Since never.

This can’t be good—especially when it means running into your ex.

Funeral planner Landry Couper is coming home to Diamond Cove after being gone for years. Her grandfather, Harry, wants to make sure she stays. If he can help her find her happily ever after, maybe she’ll stick around—and he has the perfect man picked out for her. Too bad Grandpa doesn’t know it’s her ex.

Physical therapist Ty Curtis’s “life lists” are the perfect motivation for patients to meet their health goals … until the funeral planner waltzes in, spreading nothing but doom and gloom. Landry insists she’s preparing clients for the inevitable, but Ty is focusing on helping them look toward the future with hope.

Aligning their philosophies aren’t the only Florida muck they have to wade through to end up going in the same direction. If a romantic relationship didn’t work before, why give it a shot now?

The Diamond Cove Secret Seven think this will be an easy match, but they couldn’t be more wrong. It will take lots of scheming and a barrel of laughs to get them together!

Fun Fact:

Maria Hoagland's husband is a physical therapist who specializes in working with geriatric patients. He might be where Diamond Cove's physical therapist got part of his name and most of his sense of humor.

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