Santa Cam

The one behind the camera could be his best match yet.

She's trying to save her career.
He needs an image update.
They're both hiding their past.
Christmas is the best--and worst--time to make a change.

All professional soccer player Camden Sharpe wants for Christmas is to get home to Cobble Creek, Wyoming, for snow and family time. But when a brawl video surfaces online, Cam is forced to stay in Texas to clean up the public relations mess if he ever wants to get off the fans’ Naughty List. His manager-imposed community service lands Camden in a Santa suit surrounded by little kids with long lists of demands, but his attention is on his pretty elf assistant. He’s sure he’s seen her somewhere before, and he’s not convinced it was all that good.

Talia Thomas hopes Santa doesn’t recognize her. A lot of things in her life have changed since they butted heads a while back—including the trajectory of her career—and he has no idea he was the one who changed everything. Once a network reporter, Talia now runs MyHeartChannel Talia’s Truth Cam, but views are falling, advertisers are disappearing, and Talia’s excitement for her stories has frozen over. She’s tired of depressing news and shattered hearts, but it’s her job to tell the truth.

As Talia and Cam set out on a mission to convince the other the see the good in the world around them, they soon discover that only looking for the good sometimes means missing the truth that was right in front of them. Can Camden and Talia ever trust each other enough to move on from the mistakes of their past?

Fun Facts:

1. The seed of this book stems from my love of Texas small town squares and Christmas festivals.

2. When I wrote Falling for Her Billionaire Best Friend, I had no idea I'd find those characters the subject of another story, but I think it worked out well. You don't necessarily need to read the other book first, but it adds another dimension to this book. And then I went and tied this to my Cobble Creek books. (You definitely don't need to read the Cobble Creek books before reading this one, but if you like the town, go back and read them!)

3. Oh, and you never know who's watching you dance in the front seat of your car.

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