Falling for Her Billionaire Best Friend

Kissing your best friend is a gamble.

One amazing lip-lock could destroy the friendship or be the start of true love—but you won’t know unless you try it . . .

Billionaire next-door neighbors Mary Alice Howe and Ryland Neilson have mothers who are lifelong best friends, but throwing their children together for everything from Camelot Cruise birthday parties to cotillion classes has ensured a close friendship, not the hoped-for romance.

As a new CEO, Ryland takes a risk that just might ruin the company. Taking a chance on a romantic relationship with his best friend Mary Alice seems even more foolish. Unsure what she wants to do with her career and her relationship with pro soccer player Camden Sharpe, adding new and thrilling feelings for her best friend causes Mary Alice’s world to spin upside-down.

When a personal ad brings the two together, they realize they don’t actually know everything about each other. Is it better to stay in the safety of the friend-zone or jump down the rabbit hole of the unknown and risk everything for love?

Inspired by Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland and ​Through the Looking Glass.

Fun Fact:

I love clocks. Ask my family. They don't even have to be working. So when I found out Seattle had a huge clock tower that got my own gears turning. I love that there are YouTube videos that show exactly what it looks like inside.

This was such a fun story to write. I loved the clocks, the 70s pop song I used, the dance steps in the Seattle sidewalk. Writing and researching were an adventure as fun as Alice's!

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