Home for the Holidays

Sometimes the best Christmas wishes are the ones you make for someone else.

Spending Christmas vacation with her father is part of Avery Baumann’s plan—right between graduating with her MBA and starting her first real job alongside her successful boyfriend, Hayden. But when Avery’s idea of vacation involves building a house, and Hayden believes his time in the beach town shouldn’t have anything to do with nail guns, they start to second-guess their compatibility.

Architect Keenan Perry wants to design a plan of his own—one that includes Avery. If only it wasn’t for their rocky history, secrets he thought were buried, and that pesky boyfriend she brought along.

​As Avery and Keenan work side by side to rebuild a friend’s home before the holidays, it may take more than Christmas wishes for them to patch the past and build the future of their dreams . . . even if it isn’t what they had originally planned.

Fun Facts:

1. This was my first romance book. In fact, when a small publisher came to me with the idea of being part of twelve Christmas romances with a song title, I almost declined, thinking, "I'm not a romance writer"--as if that were beneath me or something. But I decided to try it. And guess what? I loved it (obviously). There's something enchanting about working through problems and finding that happily ever after. This is the book that changed my life.

2. Corpus Christi has great family memories despite the fact it's the only place I've seen an actual tornado (okay, it was a waterspout that came onto the beach and toward our hotel), or that our daughter got stung by jellyfish, or our son got sick from too much soda and puked all over the hotel floor. Yeah, good times.

3. Avery's name is a nod to the jewelry shop where I've bought many of my own charms and bracelet.

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