The Bait and Tackle Switch

Something fishy's going on in Diamond Cove!

Prepare to get caught up in all kinds of secrets and shenanigans as the Secret Seven meddling grandparents start their matchmaking again.

Lucas and Sophie are bound for adventure, laughs, and a few wrong turns as they navigate a fake relationship in this sweet romantic comedy beach read.

Harry and the Secret Seven are back at it again! Heady with successfully fixing up his granddaughter with her perfect match, Harry can't leave well enough alone. It's his grandson Lucas's turn now.

Lucas Couper would rather make his mobile fishing tackle shop permanent than any romantic relationship. But when the perfect location for his bait and tackle shop comes up for sale, he’s short on cash…the cash Grandpa Harry has offered him—as soon as he gets engaged. He doesn’t want to lie, but once he’s stepped into the metaphorical quicksand, he sees no other way to make it.

Sophie Hadley has the biggest, softest heart of anyone—even opening her small garage apartment to her sister and a rambunctious five-year-old nephew.. All she wants to do is make people happy, including the cute guy she’s been crushing on for a while now. She may not be able to have him for herself, but that doesn’t mean she can’t do something nice for him…even if it might be a little bit over the top. But really, what could it hurt?

With the Secret Seven behind the scenes, a fake relationship is sure to turn into something real. What could possibly go wrong this time?

Fun Fact:

Ever kayaked with a dolphin? I have! Early one quiet, beautiful morning at Fort Walton Beach, FL, I was out kayaking by myself and looked up to find I had a chaperone following me maybe fifty feet away.