Her App, a Match, and the Billionaire

She is looking for an investor, not a connection.

He is looking to invest his money, not his heart.

It is a truth universally accepted that anyone who's single must be looking for their perfect match, right? Lizzie Beckett isn’t, however. At least not romantically. As a software developer, Lizzie pitches her dating app to a panel of tech billionaires on the national television show Tech Tank, hoping to land the perfect financier to boost her business. It’s just her luck, the only offer she gets is a provisional contract with the toughest, most skeptical and self-important of the CEOs.

Dawson Fitzwilliam isn’t a fan of online dating—or dogs, for that matter. When he blunders during Lizzie's presentation, guilt drives him to give her app, Capture My Heart, a 30-day trial period. If Lizzie can convince him the app works within that time frame, then his company will back the product. If not, the deal will have helped him save face and protect his brand. Unfortunately, what he forgets to protect is his heart. Although Lizzie Beckett is so wrong for him in so many ways, Dawson can’t help but fall for the beautiful, headstrong woman.

Inspired by Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice.

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Fun Facts:

1. This was the first research trip I took with the authors at Gelato Publishing. What an amazing group of authors to work with! I didn't even mind walking miles in a boot since I was laughing the whole time.

2. As a type-one diabetic, I was interested in how diabetic alert dogs are trained, so I contacted a trainer in my town. It was interesting to have the dog alerting me while we had our two in-person interviews.

3. The otter--a little pal my husband and I had one vacation on the Washington coast.

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