While You Were Speaking

Love at Second Sight

She had a crush on the celebrity but fell in love with his brother.

A fresh take on a classic rom-com, this sweet small-town romance will have you dreaming of an evening spent at the drive-in with your sweetheart.

Lucy Morrowitz has two dreams:

  1. Reopen the Starlight, a drive-in theater inherited from her parents.
  2. Marry her celebrity crush—motivational speaker, Carter Hughes.

Only problem? Neither goal is attainable until Carter accepts her invitation to speak at the Harvest Ranch spring cleanup. Suddenly, neither dream feels out of reach.

There’s nothing Zachary Hughes envies about his brother, Carter, until he meets his fiancée. Because of Lucy, Zach reaches for more:

  1. A job he looks forward to every day.
  2. A town where he’s known for himself.
  3. The perfect person to spend his life with—someone who laughs with him, challenges him, accepts him, loves him. Someone like Lucy.

​The big question is--will these dreams bring happiness?

Fun Fact:

The seed for this story was an article someone from my hometown shared on social media. The drive-in movie theater that had given me many childhood and teenage memories was in jeopardy of being shut down, but the community banded together to keep it running. That seemed to be the perfect setting for the book I was working on inspired by one of my favorite movies.

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