The Combustible Engagement

A fake engagement they fight to contain.

Fiery, headstrong realtor versus smug wildland firefighter.
The only way they can get along is when it suits both their needs.

When handsome wildland firefighter, Monroe Scott, comes into town and wants to buy Tess’s grandfather’s barn for his reclaimed wood business, real estate agent Tess Graham feels a tug of nostalgia she doesn't expect. How can she allow Monroe to dismantle her childhood memories board by board? But as the listing agent, how can she prevent it?

To get what they each want, Tess and Monroe enter into a very temporary, very pretend engagement. As sparks fly and tempers flare, this fake engagement ignites into something both parties fight to contain.

Available in ebook, paperback, and hardback in various stores online.

Fun Facts:

This book has a lot of little things in it that make me happy: memories of reading stacks of books in the summer with my sister, the fact that my developmental editor asked who in my family was a wildland firefighter because I apparently got so much of it right, the name of a dear friend's daughter, running, musicals, a fun date I had in high school, and so much more. This book is so far from autobiographical in any way and yet it has so much of me in it.