Taste of Memory

Sparks, chemistry, and a little magic fly between this small-town baker and the fireworks pyrotechnician from out of state.

If baker Keira Covington had an ounce of her family’s legendary magic, maybe she wouldn't burn half the customers’ orders and mix up the rest.

Vacationing on his motorcycle, pyrotechnician Brant Whitbeck can't seem to leave town. Literally. Not that he'll complain when he finds a job, sweet treats, and a woman who brings a needed spark to his life.

But when Keira stumbles on an ancestor's special recipe and the unexpected starts to happen, will their burgeoning romance explode like a firecracker lit too soon?

Fun Facts:

1. At a gas station in the mountains of Colorado, my husband and I came across a man riding a motorcycle through the backroads. This gave me the idea to research what ended up being Brant's dream vacation.

2. I loved the idea of having characters who use science like magic, and decided one of them needed to be a chemist, and what's a more magical way to use chemistry than fireworks? Through my research, I connected with a pyrotechnician for one of the biggest theme parks in the United States and learned so much from him!

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