Beauty and the Billionaire Beast

Fireflies, garden gnomes, and dancing under the stars in this fairytale enemies-to-lovers sweet romance.

Fall under the spell of Louisiana magic, enchanting characters, and fairytale endings in this Beauty & the Beast-inspired sweet contemporary novel.

Landscape architect, Emma Treager, is in search of answers to a family mystery. She stumbles across the Indigo Pointe Plantation, where mystery floats through the air like the ghosts of its former owners. More importantly, she might just have found an important clue.

To find answers, Emma can’t pass up the job that property owner Theo Lambert offers like an enchanted rose, despite his reputation of being a beast of a boss. As the they delve into the secrets of the past, Theo and Emma discover that finding clues are almost as much fun as finding each other.

When family grievances come to light, can Emma and Theo make peace with nearly two centuries of unrest and distrust, or should they just forgive and then completely forget?

Fun Facts:

Where did the ideas come from?

1. The name Emma. I changed it near the end of the editing stage when I realized the book's launch would coincide with the Emma Watson version of the story. I can't even remember what I'd named her before, but I really didn't want to do Belle.

2. The garden gnome? Good memories between me and my husband. I don't want to spoil it for you, so enough said.

3. The squirrels and PB&Js? Real. Well, at least one of my friends did it.

4. One of my favorite vacations was with my husband and youngest son to New Orleans and the surrounding area one spring break. I couldn't get what I saw out of my mind. That garden--amazing! The history, heartbreaking. The city, gorgeous ... and haunting. I needed to write about it. And I probably will again. There's more I want to share.

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