Still Time

Family Life at its best - and its worst!

A novel about duty and sacrifice, forgiveness and redemption.

Thrust into the chaos of her mother-in-law’s hoarding and forgetfulness,  Alyssa Johnston, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, wishes she could retreat to a simpler time when her kids were small and almost anything could be fixed with a hug. But reassurance and a quick distraction no longer erase the pain of a missionary son who is struggling, a young teen who is bullied, or a daughter who is distant. As Aly’s own life and relationship with her husband plunge out of control, she wonders if her faith will be enough to keep her family—or herself—from falling apart.

Still Time is a deeply moving story about a woman’s faithful journey into the next phase of her life. You will laugh with Aly, feel her sorrow, and see yourself in Maria Hoagland’s realistic, heartfelt portrayal of a woman’s struggle to keep her family safe and hold back time as long as she can.

Fun Facts:

1. My good friend (she started out as my childhood best friend's mom) was taking care of her mother with Alzheimer's Disease. She graciously shared many stories and observations to help me craft this book.

2. My fabulous husband, a physical therapist with a lot of experience with patients with similar diagnoses, answered even more questions and took me on a tour of a care facility. He's an example of a healthcare provider who really does care for his patients and in giving the respect, dignity, and care all people deserve.

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