Recipe for Disaster

A hint of magic with your true love?

That sounds crazy … and a little bit dangerous.

Something is going on with Claire Covington's cousins—something strange, confusing, unexpected, and dare she say ... magical? Could it be the wishes they made under a full moon once upon a time, thirteen years ago?

If so, this could be a recipe for disaster.

Claire’s got to figure out what’s happening--but how, if she can’t remember what happened that night? Could it already be too late to change what was set into motion?

Welcome to Hawthorne, Massachusetts, a contemporary small town with a hint of magic and lots of sweet romance. "Recipe for Disaster" is bonus content for the Spellbound in Hawthorne series, the short story of what happened thirteen years ago and the spell that brought magic and true love.

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Fun Fact:

Even though this novella is supposed to be the origin story, Lorin Grace and I only had vague brushstrokes of what happened that day thirteen years ago to kick off the Covington cousins' magic. It wasn't until we'd written all six books that this short prequel could be written.

I was also concerned about writing it from the point of view of a twelve- or thirteen-year-old because it might make readers wonder if the rest of the books were also young adult. I'm pleased at how I found a way around that. See if you agree!

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